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Configuration when only monitoring RDS Instances


We have a PMM set up monitoring RDS instances, set up in a standard way using the AWS marketplace image.

All works well, except when I SSH in to the server and issue the
sudo pmm-admin list
(or any other pmm-admin command) I get the response:
PMM client is not configured, missing config file. Please make sure you have run 'pmm-admin config'.

I am not sure whether this means that I need to run the following command:
pmm-admin config --username=xxx --password=xxx

If so I assume that I use the username/password entered during the set up and the aws internal IP of the instance running pmm?

Am I able to troubleshoot in a similar way without running the pmm-admin config command?

Thanks in advance


  • Michael CoburnMichael Coburn Principal Architect, Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi cookeal
    When monitoring RDS instances there is a GUI via the PMM Add Instance screen, I assume this is how you added them? If so you won't see them using pmm-admin list.

    If you want to review those instances, there is a dashboard called PMM Amazon RDS and Remote Instances which will show you those that you are monitoring.
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