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Replicate from RDS to on-prem PXC

aspinosaspinos EntrantInactive User Role Novice
Hello all,

I have the task of migrating an RDS database to an on-prem PXC.

What I would like is to set the PXC as a replication slave to the RDS until I am ready to failover to having all sources writing to PXC only.

The process can be async, meaning the PXC while a slave can be behind RDS.

Could someone help with the high level steps involved to do this. I was thinking something along the line of:

1. Creating an rds replication slave to master rds
2. Create an on prem slave to the PXC
3. make the on-prem slave a 'slave' to the rds slave?

Many thanks,


  • SebastianGSebastianG Contributor Current User Role Contributor
    By not having access directly to that VM where RDS resides I think will be quite tricky, never tried to be fair but the way I see it would be:

    - Lock the tables (RO) on RDS
    - Dump everything (or those DBs that you need to replicate)
    - Import these On-Prem
    - Get binary logs details from RDS (binary file name and position)
    - Initiate and Start the slave (on-prem) to use these as starting point
    - Release the lock from RDS Master
    - Check replication status...

    As I said, never tried, never faced such a request but this would be my first thought.
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