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PMM QAN mongodb:queries : profiling and mongodb 3.0 support

I'm trying to use PMM 1.17 to monitor Mongodb 3.0 cluster.

mongodb:metrics seems to work fine and provides information.

Added mongodb:queries , but QAN doesn't present information , and says:
No data. Please check pmm-client and database configurations on selected instance.
There is no query data because profiling is not enabled for the selected host. For information about how to enable profiling, see Configuring profiling in MongoDB in PMM documentation.

Few questons:
1. Profiling : i've switch on profiling for one given db from 0 to 1 - but nothing changed in PMM QAN.
Do i have to switch on Profiling at the mongod instance level ? i.e. settings in /etc/mongod.conf.which will work for all DBs ?
2. Could it be that no matter what i do - the QAN won't work properly because of 3.0 (and not >=3.2) mongodb version ?

Many thanks in advance,


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