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Full and incrementals backups more than once?

klabacitaklabacita ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
Hi guys.
Finally I understand the steps to get full or incremental backups.
Now, suppose that I setup the batch to make full backups Sunday and the other days Incremental.
Now suppose that in Friday I need to get the db from Thursday.
I run my steps and done, I got my db from Thu on Fri, done.
Now suppose that latter that day I need to get the backup from Wed.
Can I run the steps again or is not possible to run the restore more than once with the same backups data?
Sorry to ask, this can happen and would like to understand this in case things like this happens.
Thanks all for your help.


  • Ch_LizeCh_Lize Entrant Current User Role Novice

    Yes you can but you must copy first your full backup folder (your base backup dir) because when you apply your incremental, they are modifying the datafiles in that folder.

  • klabacitaklabacita Contributor Current User Role Novice
    If I understand, is that before doing any restore I must do a copy of the backups I will touch before I start the steps to restore any backup, this way I have the original backup data and can run any time I need to?
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