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Fixing 'ERROR: Unknown repository: percona' in percona-release

Sergey BearSergey Bear EntrantLegacy User Role Novice
On RHEL/Centos after updating percona-release to percona-release-1.0-4.noarch percona repository become disabled and suggested command to reenable it throws an error:

Fo example trying to setup percona 5.7 repository:

# percona-release setup ps57
* Disabling all Percona Repositories
ERROR: Unknown repository: percona
Available repositories are: original ps-80 pxc-80 psmdb-40 tools

Fixing bug in script:

# sed -i 's/percona tools/original tools/' /usr/bin/percona-release

Trying to setup percona 5.7 repository again:

# percona-release setup ps57
* Disabling all Percona Repositories
* Enabling the Percona Original repository
* Enabling the Percona Tools repository
<*> All done!

P.S. Sorry, had no time to register and report a bug in percona's jira.
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