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MySQL 5.7.23 replica failed to execute load data infile

AlexMAlexM ContributorInactive User Role Novice

Server migrated from Percona MySQL 5.7.19 to 5.7.23 failed to apply Load Data infile during replication.
- Master-master replication
- Statement based replication
- Percona MySQL 5.7.23 (both servers)
- CentOS 6.9

Error 'The MySQL server is running with the --secure-file-priv option so it cannot execute this statement' on query. Default database: 'xxxxxx'. Query: 'LOAD DATA INFILE '/var/lib/mysql/' IGNORE INTO TABLE `xxxxxx` FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '' ESCAPED BY '\\' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' (`xxx,xxx`) SET `create_date`= now(), `create_user`= 'xxxxxxxxx', `update_user`= 'xxxxxxx''

The systems were previously running Percona MySQL 5.7.19. We did not experience this problem with that version.

Is this a Percona MySQL 5.7.23 bug?

Thank you,
Alex Malberty
BabyCenter LLC


  • AlexMAlexM Contributor Inactive User Role Novice
    As a temporary fix, we setup secure_file_priv = '', but I would like to revert that change.
  • vinicius.grippavinicius.grippa Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Alex,

    I was able to reproduce your issue. This is indeed a bug and it affects MySQL upstream as well, here is the bug description:

    The workaround as you mentioned is to set secure_file_priv but this might be a security issue. Another option is to set the binlog_format to ROW os MIXED.
  • AlexMAlexM Contributor Inactive User Role Novice
    Thank you Vinicious. We will change replication to ROW based.
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