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InnoDB tablespace details when INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE occur

mysqlsoldiermysqlsoldier EntrantCurrent User Role Novice

I've come to a point in my work with MySQL databases where I need to understand how INSERTs, DELETEs and UPDATE's (and other changes, but won't mention for now for simplicity) work in InnoDB. Can anyone recommend some resources to study to make sense what is happening to the tablespace when these actions are carried out by a user. The reference manual has some good discussion on the locking aspects, but I'm interested what happens when there is existing data and indexes in the tablespaces. I can understand this is a complex area but a starting point would be of great help.


  • lorraine.pocklingtonlorraine.pocklington Percona Community Manager Legacy User Role Patron
    Hello mysqlsoldier what version of MySQL or Percona Server for MySQL are you using?
    There are lots of resources on the Percona blog as well as recorded webinars and eBooks on this site, all of them are free (well, in exchange for an email address to register for download at least), and from those I think you should be able to piece together quite a lot of information on how things work with some judicious use of search plus some browsing of the titles. Here are some links: You might find some of the troubleshooting webinars explain "why things work like that", so don't overlook those. Even if you don't get the exact information you need, they won't be time wasted I am sure. :)

    After that, for versions prior to MySQL 8, then High Performance MySQL by Baron Schwartz (now founder of VividCortex) and our founders Peter Zaitsev & Vadim Tkachenko (O'Reilly, ISBN 9781449314286) is good all round MySQL knowledge and highly thought of.

    See how you get on?
  • mysqlsoldiermysqlsoldier Entrant Current User Role Novice
    Hi lorraine.pocklington, I am an Oracle MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 user in production. I am in possession of High Performance textbook, I'll have a look there at some point. But otherwise, thanks for conveniently placing those links, I'll see what I can discover.
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