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PMM MySQL not starting

obb76obb76 EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi friends at Percona,

So I just reinstalled PMM as a docker image. I have the graphana and mysql data directories linked to mount point /DATA. The weird thing is that the MySQL is not initialized and doesn't have anything but the ibdata1 file and two iblogfiles. I tried using mysql_install_db to fix the install but it didn't worl. Docker also has MySQL on a continuous restart loop. I am probably missing something tiny here. Do you have any suggestions for me?

This is how I created the container:
docker create \
-v /DATA/prometheus/data:/opt/prometheus/data \
-v /DATA/consul-data:/opt/consul-data \
-v /DATA/mysql:/var/lib/mysql \
-v /DATA/grafana:/var/lib/grafana \
--name pmm-data \
percona/pmm-server:latest /bin/true

docker run -d -p 443:443 \
--volumes-from pmm-data \
--name pmm-server \
-e SERVER_USER=[redacted] \
-e SERVER_PASSWORD=[redacted] \
--restart always \


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