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Connection throughput limited

dave4youdave4you EntrantInactive User Role Contributor
Hi Experts,

I have used MySQL 5.7 and 8 and am facing a limit on connection throughput. I am doing a select on a large table. However the data is not coming out at a higher throughput rate than ~20MB/s. I have to open an additional connection to raise it. E.g. 1 connection ~20MB/s, 2 connections 40MB/s, 3 connection ~60MB/s.

So basically the server has no limitations since it can clearly support a higher throughput, however I am not able to utilize it over a single connection, which would not be to strange to ask.

I must seem familiar to some of you. Any ideas on where to go in terms of MySQL configuration settings would be very helpful.

Kind regards,

Dave Hoogendoorn


  • tony987tony987 Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    If you get your answer then please notify me also. I have a similar kind of issues.
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