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integrating PMM with existing Prometheus and Grafana environment

I've read up on PMM and it does exactly what I want for my Percona environment. I, however, already have a Prometheus and Grafana setup. Can I integrate the QAN API and Consul setup into that? If so, is there documentation to support this, etc?


  • vadimtkvadimtk Contributor Percona Staff Role

    Although we use Prometheus and Grafana, the integration with external components is not supported. So we do not document how to do it and we won't fix bugs related to it.
  • SyntaxErrorSyntaxError Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner

    Thanks for getting back to me on this. Is it possible to have QAN API as a stand-alone?
  • vadimtkvadimtk Contributor Percona Staff Role

    You can configure pmm-admin to handle only mysql:queries.
    But pmm-server will install all components anyway (including Prometheus)
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