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Restoring galera cluster on a new set of servers

simtardifsimtardif ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
Hi we have two 2 galera cluster for MySQL.
Each cluster has 3 nodes.
We are on centos.

We take backup with xtrabackup. I have succesfully tested a restore on the entire galera cluster from a full backup of the same cluster.
Here are the step i use :
1-Stop all 3 nodes with systemctl stop mysqld
2-Prepare the full backup
3-On the first node remove everything in /var/lib/mysql
4-use xtrabackup --copy-back command
5-change permissions in /var/lib/mysql
6-Start first node with mysqld_bootstrap
7-On the second node : remove everything in /var/lib/mysql
8-use xtrabackup --copy-back command
9-change permissions in /var/lib/mysql
10-Start second node with systemctl start mysqld
11-Repeat step 7 to 10 on the third node

This procedure works.

What I want to do now is use the backup form my production environement and restore it on my test environment.
I follow the same steps, first node starts without problem. But at step 10 when I want to start the second node with systemctl start mysqld, i see in the the log that a full sst is started from node 1 but for i reason i don't understand a second mysqld proccess is started and th start failed because on the two process.

If i then restore my test from his own backup it works.

Any idea what step is missing. I'm new to galera cluster.

Any help would be appreciated
Thank you.


  • simtardifsimtardif Contributor Current User Role Novice
    Hi I finally figured out why it was not working our wsrep_sst_auth parameter was different on the two cluster so I have to change it when restoring on the new host.
  • lorraine.pocklingtonlorraine.pocklington Percona Community Manager Legacy User Role Patron
    Ah that's great news and THANK YOU for updating. Not only because it might save one of our team a little time but ALSO because your solution might help someone else down the track. Don't hesitate to use the Forum again if you need to. :D
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