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Suggested PXC upgrade path to keep it working after Ubuntu upgrade to 18.04?

dfumagallidfumagalli ContributorInactive User Role Novice

we are getting ready to switch some legacy servers from Ubuntu 16.04 + Percona 5.7.21-20 to Ubuntu 18.04 + latest Percona.

We thought that the best path would have been to update Ubuntu 16.04 + Percona 5.7.21-20 to Ubuntu 16.04.5 + Percona 5.7.22-29.26-1-xenial. Only after that, we'd start the Ubuntu "do-release-upgrade" script to migrate to Ubuntu 18.04. After that, I guess we'd have to uninstall Percona (latest but still -xenial) and install the latest BionicBeaver Percona packages.

Otherwise, another possible path, could be to uninstall Percona, then upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 and then install Percona again.

I don't exclude there are other, better ways, but on Percona's website I have only found tutorials on how to in place upgrade the engine, not how to also upgrade the operating system at the same time.

Which way would give us the best and safest upgrade path?

Dario Fumagalli
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