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Upgrading CentOS 7 when using an AWS AMI install

cookealcookeal EntrantCurrent User Role Novice

On a PMM installation from the PMM Server hosted at AWS Marketplace. (AWS AMI: PMM Server [2018-04-11 1118]-ed77d1ab-87ba-442b-930c-082a14c606b3-ami-b01cc5cf.4 (ami-10527669))

To date everything has worked beautifully, including the Home Dashboard upgrade (currently I am running 1.12.0)

What is less clear to me is how to go about upgrading the underlying Centos system on the EC2:

yum upgrade is currently listing 176 updates of which 1 is required for security.

Amazon Inspector is complaining about the kernel and lists several CVE's

Is there an accepted way to proceed with this and moving forward keeping Centos patched, updated and secure?

Many thanks
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