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XtraDB Cluster wsrep_local_state_comment:Initialized-wsrep_cluster_status:non-primary

eibrisimeibrisim EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi community,

I'm using 4 nodes Xtradb mysql cluster (5.6.37-82) + 1 node for arbitrator on production. To load balance the cluster nodes I'm using F5 bigip between application and databases.
Because of network issues, one of my cluster node disconnected from cluster. But on this node mysql is up and running. During this time I noticed that, my wsrep_local_state_comment parameter set to "Initialized" and wsrep_cluster_status parameter set to "non-Primary".

| wsrep_local_state_comment | Initialized |
| wsrep_cluster_status | non-Primary

During this time F5 continue to forward sessions to this disconnected node because 3306 port still up. But this node disconnected from cluster and cannot ready for connections.

I'm looking for solution on F5 BigIP but I want to learn that is there any solution on percona xtradb side ?

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