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Docker deployed as a kubernetes pod doesn't show the source/client on Dashboard.

I have PMM running on AWS as a kubernetes pod and a client connected to it but it won't show as a source on my dashboard.


I set up PMM as a docker container and deployed it to my Kubernetes cluster on AWS as a pod. I setup a service and endpoint for that as well. I have an in-house linux server that I'm trying to monitor linux:metrics on. I set up a pmm-client on my server and it is at-least talking to my container. I know it's not a networking issue because when I do "pmm-admin ping" on my client, I see that my qan-api.log gets a ping on my container. The pod is measuring it's own pmm-server but no external source.

When I deploy the container locally using the methods in the following link, it works fine but it doesn't work when setup as a pod using kubernetes remotely. I really can use any insights you might have. Let me know what other details might be needed.
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