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pmm-server stops collect localhost metrics after reboot

DmytroKhDmytroKh ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
I've installed pmm server from image on amazon instance and upgraded it to v.1.5.3.
from first it looks OK, but than I reboot the server to upgrade a linux kernel.

I've noticed the issue that http://localhost:9100/metrics is DOWN since the reboot (it used to be up before)

of course nothing listens the port 9100 on pmm-server while all configs are on place and prometheus is running.

I assume some exporter should be running on 9100 to provide linux metrics data, how can it be restored ?


  • MykolaMykola Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Dmytro,

    what kind of image do you use? Docker or AMI?
  • fredricjfredricj Entrant Current User Role Contributor
    I have the same problem. After updating the server the data is coming in fine from the server, but if I restart the pmm-server the client doesn't run. Running pmm-admin list tells me the client isnt configured. I used the OVF image for the server
  • DmytroKhDmytroKh Contributor Current User Role Beginner

    the issue observed with AMI image, I switched to Docker and do not see the issue any more.
  • otooiotooi Entrant Current User Role Novice
    It seems to be related to the service startup sequence.
    I solved the problem as shown below.

    systemctl stop pmm-managed.service;
    systemctl stop pmm-manage.service;
    systemctl stop prometheus.service;
    systemctl stop prometheus1.service;
    systemctl stop percona-qan-api.service;
    systemctl stop node_exporter.service;
    systemctl stop pmm-qan-agent-9000.service;
    systemctl stop pmm-rds_exporter-9042.service;
    ## Stop all pmm-mysqld_exporter - *. Service. They will be automatically generated later.
    systemctl stop pmm-mysqld_exporter-10001.service;
    systemctl stop pmm-mysqld_exporter-10002.service;
    systemctl stop nginx.service;
    systemctl stop grafana-server.service;

    ls /etc/systemd/system/pmm-*;
    rm -f /etc/systemd/system/pmm-*;

    systemctl start prometheus.service;
    systemctl start prometheus1.service;
    systemctl start pmm-manage.service;
    systemctl start nginx.service;
    systemctl start grafana-server.service;
    systemctl start percona-qan-api.service;
    systemctl start pmm-managed.service;
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