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"server returned HTTP status 401 Unauthorized" after upgrade to 1.5.0

szutaszuta EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Is anyone else having problems with /prometheus/targets returning server returned HTTP status 401 Unauthorized after an upgrade to 1.5.0? I reinstalled the virtual appliance and the client binary. check-network shows that client->server path is fine, but server->client is down. Firewall rules are verified to permit traffic.


  • erinoerino Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    I did not get that error but I upgrade every time there's a release. I did, however, find that qan is totally messed up. I have 3 RDS instances. One of them is showing queries for another instance. NONE of the qan instances has examples (all did before), AND the tables often times reference a database that isn't in the QAN Instance. Basically QAN is a mess....
  • wjordanwjordan Entrant Legacy User Role Beginner
    I'm experiencing this same issue on a new installation with v1.5.1 of the server.
  • szutaszuta Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    In my case it was an issue of the server password having a '$' in it. See
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