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dave4youdave4you EntrantInactive User Role Contributor
Hi There,

I am currently using MySQL 5.7.19 and am in the proces of transporting tablespaces up to 250GB (innodb single file table) coming from another DB Server.

Specifics are:
- I do not use the .cfg, since it is not provided.
- I created the table structure from the .frm and manually added ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;
- Transporting tablespaces works fine (tables transported can be queried, no issues there)
- There is a lot of JSON in there (Yes!! using 5.7 JSON capabilities)

In the proces I see IMPORT TABLESPACE taking a really long time, while system utilization stays pretty low. Below I have got some stats on the duration:

Table size
Import Tablespace duration (s)

684 MB

3.665 MB

17.969 MB

54.820 MB

221.532 MB

So I would not mind having the proces taking a lot of time when the system would be under pressure. But the system is a development system reserved just for the process and has plenty resources. The frustrating thing is that it looks like the IMPORT TABLESPACE process does not know how to use the available resources (Memory 16GB consumed while 64GB available, CPU ~10% consumed and storage on average 2MB/s while capable of 2100 MB/s). Also there is ample information about the IMPORT TABLESPACE proces online so I am a stuck.

Seems like a nice question for the pro's, but any help is welcome!

Kind regards,

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