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could not find key '(1,FLAT8)25c5b5bd 55949f7a' from cert index

dixondixon ContributorInactive User Role Beginner
yesterday morning ,we got this error from our production box.i search error msg from internet,all said it was a bug,will be fixed in 5.6.26. unluckly,we use 5.6.15 vrsion.
so if we dont upgrade it,what will happen?still got more error msg like this kind?and finally server got crashed?
we concern that what this error mean,did we have temp solutions to fix it?
2017-10-17 09:40:37 3729 [Warning] WSREP: could not find key '(1,FLAT8)25c5b5bd 55949f7a' from cert index


  • dixondixon Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner
    did someone can answer it ?thx :):):):)
  • krunalbauskarkrunalbauskar Advisor Inactive User Role Novice
    Please upgrade. Event 5.6.26 is pretty old now. Current version is 5.6.37 in 5.6 series but I would strongly recommend to move to 5.7.19 latest one with optimized performance and lot more bug fixes from PXC and upstream (MySQL/PS) side too.
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