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PMM QAN Agent timeout problem and QAN meet SASL auth failed at MongoDB

adaamadaam ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
First problem is, when create first mongodb:queries at PMM, my machine is slow to start agent (15s), but timeout is 10s, i will never add queries because it will request me to repair (mean remove) it.

example log here

Second problem, my mongodb need to use username and password to login, I provide it use --uri mongodb://username: [email protected] , but QAN shows "server returned error on SASL authentication step: Authentication failed."
I'm sure it's username and password correct bacause at System Summery tab, both system summery and mongodb summery show information correct.


  • adaamadaam Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    Image missing, add back.
  • kamil-dziedzickamil-dziedzic Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Hey, sorry for late answer.

    As a workaround, if your auth db is default `admin` you should use:
    pmm-admin add mongodb --uri mongodb://user:pass@localhost:27017/?authSource=admin
  • adaamadaam Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    Hi Kamil,

    This solution is worked when use Query Profile, but after add authSource, System Summery for Mongo Summery failed.

    There has little problem, at our environment (for testing), we use one machine(one IP) to start 2 shard and 1 mongos, each shard with 2 mongod node and 1 arbiter.

    IP | role | port | shard1_n1 | 20010 | shard1_n2 | 20011 | shard1_arb | 20012 | shard1_n1 | 20020 | shard2_n2 | 20021 | shard2_arb | 20022 | mongos | 27017

    There has 2 scenario

    1. If I add mongos and shard1_n1 to PMM, when select instance shard1_n1, At Setting -> Status, there will double the databases status, if I have a database named "bill", will show two line of "bill", one auth failed (because mongos, obviously), but it should not show these two at one page.

    2. If I add shard1_n1 and shard2_n1 to PMM, no matter which instance I select, Setting -> Status will not show anything, just the circle running.

    I'm not test yet, but I think these two problem may has same root cause, and will not happened with instance has different IP.
  • adaamadaam Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    Anyone meet this problem as I do ?
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