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Percona server 5.5.57 generating lots of small mysql-bin.xxxx files

KrijnFaberKrijnFaber EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi Community,

I've been using Percona server for a while now without any trouble at all ever :-)
Now I'm running into my first issue so I thought I'd join the community to seek some advice.

Recently I replaced a percona server 5.5 instance running on CentOS 6.9 with a Percona 5.5 on CentOS 7.3.

I copied over the full mysql data directory and set permissions over to the new system.

The MySQL seems to be working fine (Other than users reporting intermittent disconnects).

My problem here is really, that I seem to get a new mysql-bin.xxxxx file every 10 minutes?

No entries in the error log. I'm at a loss :-(

Anyone ever come across this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated!


K Faber


  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    Can you share the following outputs:
    SELECT @@global.max_binlog_size;
  • miguelangelnietomiguelangelnieto Member Inactive User Role Beginner
    Also, check in the filesystem if the size is the same for all those files. If they are all different, maybe you are having crashes in the service. So please, check what Jericho asked and then also the file sizes.
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