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PMM ami misbehaving

We just deployed an AWS PMM server using your ami. It didn't have the client installed so I did that manually. You may want to consider adding that to the ami. Now I have a mismatch(server = 1.2.1, client 1.2.2), but hopefully that's not a big deal

I can't seem to find the docker binary in the ami image.
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find / -name 'docker'

Some of the troubleshooting steps here assume it's a docker install.

Now to my real problem. I add RDS/Aurora instances for monitoring and they stop polling after a few minutes. When I run pmm-admin again they are marked for removal by pmm-admin repair

[[email protected] log]$ sudo pmm-admin
We have found system services disconnected from PMM server.
Usually, this happens when data container is wiped before all monitoring services are removed or client is uninstalled.

Orphaned local services: pmm-mysql-metrics-42002, pmm-mysql-queries-0

To continue, run 'pmm-admin repair' to remove orphaned services.
[[email protected] log]$ sudo pmm-admin repair

Any idea why they would be disappearing shortly after adding them?

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