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pt-hetbeat monitoring for Postgres

junaidpk14junaidpk14 EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hello Guys,

We are running this successfully for the Mysql Server Replication. Today i tried this tool for monitoring of Postgres replication but it didn't work. I faced following issues 1- Pg db adapter not found. 2- Use tablename - It don't work in Postgres. 3- Create table didn't work as there is not unsigned int. 4- Show table don't work in the Postgres. Is there anyone running this tool successfully with Postgres?

Thanks Regards,


  • miguelangelnietomiguelangelnieto Member Inactive User Role Beginner
    From documentation I see this:

    The --dbi-driver option lets you use pt-heartbeat to monitor PostgreSQL as well. It is reported to work well with Slony-1 replication.

    In case it doesn't work for you I would recommend you to create a bug report in our launchpad, providing all details so we can work on it and fix it:
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