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Percona DB 5.7 - APT packages (Debian 9/Stretch) - No i386 build?

nuxwinnuxwin EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Good morning,

I can see that APT packages for Percona DB 5.7 were added lately for Debian 9/Stretch. However, there is no build for the i386 architecture. Is its normal and if yes, could you provide us the reasons?

Thank you for your time.


  • shapirusshapirus Entrant Legacy User Role Beginner
    I am having this issue too. There are no packages built for stretch/i386 whereas for every other distro there is an i386 build available.

    Tried to dpkg-buildpackage it from source and got this:
    [ 39%] Building CXX object storage/rocksdb/CMakeFiles/ldb.dir/rocksdb/util/
    /home/absh/percona/percona-server-5.7-5.7.20-19/storage/rocksdb/rocksdb/util/ error: macro "__DATE__" might prevent reproducible builds [-Werror=date-time]
     const char* rocksdb_build_compile_date = __DATE__;
    cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
    storage/rocksdb/CMakeFiles/ldb.dir/build.make:3110: recipe for target 'storage/rocksdb/CMakeFiles/ldb.dir/rocksdb/util/' failed
    make[4]: *** [storage/rocksdb/CMakeFiles/ldb.dir/rocksdb/util/] Error 1

    Any ideas?
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