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Upgrade Percona 55 to 56 - high cpu usage for my_lfind function

fritchiefritchie ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi all,

I just updated Percona Server from 55 to Percona-Server-server-56-5.6.35-rel81.0.el6.x86_64.

When I run "perf top" I am seeing high CPU usage for the function "my_lfind".

63.78% mysqld [.] my_lfind
0.97% [kernel] [k] find_busiest_group
0.89% mysqld [.] buf_calc_page_new_checksum
0.56% mysqld [.] buf_page_get_gen
0.42% mysqld [.] MYSQLparse
0.40% [kernel] [k] _spin_lock_irqsave
0.40% [kernel] [k] sidtab_context_to_sid

Has anyone else seen this?

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