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"xtrabackup: Database page corruption detected" error and innodb_corrupt_table_action

ashapilovashapilov EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
We encountered the error "xtrabackup: Database page corruption detected at page" during a backup of a customer DB. The error occurred with MySQL 5.6.31.
Since then we upgraded our DB to Percona MySQL 5.7. I'm trying to find out a way for the xtrabackup to skip a corrupted page and continue its course of action. I came across the "innodb_corrupt_table_action" parameter. I've read the documentation of the parameter and although nothing explicit is mentioned about the connection between the innodb_corrupt_table_action and the ability of the xtrabackup to skip a corrupted page, I'm wondering whether configuring the innodb_corrupt_table_action to "salvage" or "warn" will do the trick and make the backup skip the corrupted partition.
If there is no connection between detecting db corruption during backup and innodb_corrupt_table_action, is there some other configuration that can be applied in order for xtrabackup to complete the backup while skipping corrupted pages?

Thank you in advance for your attention,
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