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Migration from percona-server to pxc

TiarvTiarv EntrantInactive User Role Beginner

I have Percona Server 5.6 with a 50-ish Gb database and both cpu- and io-bound workload and, apparently, it's time for me to scale a little bit.

Is there an easy way to migrate from standalone percona server to pxc (like replacing percona-server-server with percona-xtradb-cluster package and be good to go) or should I bring up completly separate pxc cluster and migrate data as in any other migration from any other database?

Thank you.


  • matthewbmatthewb Senior [email protected] Percona Staff Role
    Hi Tiarv,
    What are you attempting to accomplish by "scaling"? Are you trying to scale your reads? PXC is not a write-scale solution. Even with multiple PXC nodes, you would still only be writing to 1 node. You could certainly read from all other nodes to achieve better read throughput.
  • TiarvTiarv Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    > Are you trying to scale your reads?

    After a little bit of testing, apparently, it's okay to install percona-xtradb-cluster over percona-server, replacing it, works just fine.
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