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Trouble configuring mongodb:metrics on MongoDB secondaries

ac2ac2 ContributorInactive User Role Beginner
Dear All,
after a major reconfiguration of one of our MongoDB clusters I have removed all the mongodb:metrics targets (originally added with version 1.0.6 of PMM client) and tried to add them back with the new MongoDB connect data. Unfortunately I have been able to complete the task only when connected to the shard primary, while on the secondaries an error like the following is reported:
Cannot get buildInfo() for MongoDB using uri mongodb://monitoring:passwd%40corp@localhost:27118/admin: no reachable servers

I have tried to connect using the same credentials with the Mongo shell without any trouble.

MongoDB is version 3.4.5 and PMM details are below:
pmm-admin 1.1.4

PMM Server      | mongodb-hxvm7-monitor:8000
Client Name     |
Client Address  |
Service Manager | linux-systemd

Go Version      | 1.8
Runtime Info    | linux/amd64

Is there any inherent limitation on the secondaries I am not aware of? I tried to find something on the documentation and the forum without much luck.
BTW, the same target where regularly added when I first configured them with PMM client version 1.0.6.

Could you please give any help?



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