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mysql 5.7 withc gtid innobackupex options for master backup and new slave

caresalcaresal EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
- Used innobackupex with this options to get a backup from the master:
innobackupex /var/backup/xtra --slave-info --safe-slave-backup

- The master and the (future) slave running mysql 5.7 with GTID:
# mysql -sre "show global variables"| grep gtid_mode
gtid_mode ON

- After moving the backup to the Slave and restoring it with:
innobackupex --apply-log /var/backups/xtra/2017-05-26_22-49-20/
innobackupex --copy-back /var/backups/xtra/2017-05-26_22-49-20/

- But Replicacion is getting errors:
Last_SQL_Error: Could not execute Write_rows event on table XXXXX; Duplicate entry 'XXX' for key 'PRIMARY', Error_code: 1062; handler error HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY; the event's master log mysql-bin.002255, end_log_pos 1384983

My doubt is if the options --slave-info or --safe-slave-backup in a Master with GTID can cause this problems.



  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    If you want to use Xtrabackup to provision a new slave one should not use --slave-info or --safe-slave-backup. The only time you use these two variables when taking a backup is if 1) you take a backup from a slave and 2) you intend to use that backup to provision another slave replicating from the same master where the backup was taken.
  • caresalcaresal Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    So, those options (--slave-info and --safe-slave-backup) just when doing the backup from a slave.

    At the end the real problem was GTID_EXECUTED global variable.

    When doing: mysql> show global variables like 'GTID_EXECUTED';
    The variable had an old value.

    To get the new GTID Slave Running i had to do:
    mysql> reset master;
    mysql> SET GLOBAL gtid_purged="XXXXXXXXXXXXX";
    mysql> START SLAVE;

    It was a GTID problem/miss understod more than Innobackupex Options.
  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    are you using master_info_repository=TABLE perhaps? care to share your my.cnf from the master?
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