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Latest Xtrabackup 2.4.7 doesn't recognise latest MySQL 5.7.18 InnoDB version

Balu75Balu75 EntrantLegacy User Role Beginner
I used MySQL Percona 5.5 server and Innobackupex for backups. Last week I've upgraded server to the latest 5.7.18 and hit an issue that I cannot do backups anymore because the latest Xtrabackup software doesn't recognize my current InnoDB storage:
170522 16:20:44 innobackupex-1.5.1: Connected to MySQL server
innobackupex-1.5.1: Error: Unsupported server version: '5.7.18-log' (InnoDB version: '5.7.18'). Please report a bug at
[email protected]@xnomdbtv001n2:~#xtrabackup -v
xtrabackup version 2.4.7 based on MySQL server 5.7.13 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 6f7a799)

[email protected]@xnomdbtv001n2:~#mysql -V
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.18, for Linux (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper

[email protected]@xnomdbtv001n2:~#yum list installed | egrep -i "percona|xtrabackup|mysql"
Percona-SQL-client-50.x86_64 5.0.92-b23.89.rhel5 installed
Percona-SQL-shared-50.x86_64 5.0.92-b23.89.rhel5 installed
mysql-community-client.x86_64 5.7.18-1.el5 installed
mysql-community-common.x86_64 5.7.18-1.el5 installed
mysql-community-libs.x86_64 5.7.18-1.el5 installed
mysql-community-server.x86_64 5.7.18-1.el5 installed
mysql57-community-release.noarch el5-7 installed
percona-release.noarch 0.1-4 installed
percona-xtrabackup-24.x86_64 2.4.7-1.el5 installed
perl-DBD-MySQL.x86_64 3.0007-2.el5 installed

Is there any way to obtain xtrabackup software based on 5.7.18 server instead of 5.7.13 ?

Thank you.


  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    It should work, see here:
    [root@bugtestxb ~]# xtrabackup --user=root --password='supers3cretpa$$w0rd' --backup --target-dir backup/
    170530 05:41:29  version_check Connecting to MySQL server with DSN 'dbi:mysql:;mysql_read_default_group=xtrabackup' as 'root'  (using password: YES).
    Failed to connect to MySQL server as DBD::mysql module is not installed at - line 1327.
    170530 05:41:29 Connecting to MySQL server host: localhost, user: root, password: set, port: not set, socket: not set
    [B]Using server version 5.7.18[/B]
    xtrabackup version 2.4.7 based on MySQL server 5.7.13 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 6f7a799)
    xtrabackup: uses posix_fadvise().
    xtrabackup: cd to /var/lib/mysql
    xtrabackup: open files limit requested 0, set to 1024
    xtrabackup: using the following InnoDB configuration:
    xtrabackup:   innodb_data_home_dir = .
    xtrabackup:   innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:12M:autoextend
    xtrabackup:   innodb_log_group_home_dir = ./
    xtrabackup:   innodb_log_files_in_group = 2
    xtrabackup:   innodb_log_file_size = 50331648
    [root@bugtestxb ~]# rpm -qa|grep -i 'mysql\|percona'
  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
  • timhaaktimhaak Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Had a similar same problem on the default Docker MySQL 5.7 image ( mysql :5.7).

    Fixed by installing percona-xtrabackup-24 as it defaults to installing (installing percona-xtrabackup only installs 2.3.8)

    Just in case someone else hitting this problem finds this.
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