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default account for ssh login on PMM-SERVER OVA.

dpeyroldpeyrol EntrantLegacy User Role Beginner
Hello, I'm in need to setup the OVA image correctly with NTP and static ips. Please provide the default local account of the PMM-Server-2017-04-20-0705.ova image to login via SSH or virtualbox console. Thanks so much Didier


  • Michael CoburnMichael Coburn Principal Architect, Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi dpeyrol , when you start up the VirtualBox installation it will use DHCP by default, so if you are doing Host-only then you need to define a DHCP server for the network segment, and if bridged it will use your network DHCP server.
    Once the console prints out the IP address that the PMM Server obtained, the first screen you'll hit in your browser is going to ask you for three things:
    1. username for http auth
    2. password for http auth
    3. ssh public key (optional)
    Use #3 with your pub key, and then the syntax will be:
    ssh -i ~/.ssh/ admin&#64;<ip_pmm-server>
  • VodVod Entrant Current User Role Beginner

    how can we create the public key if we didn’t create it on startup web page?

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