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Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 is Now Available

hrvojemhrvojem PerconaPercona Staff Role
Perconaannounces the release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 on March 22, 2017. Based on MySQL 5.5.54, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 is now the current stable release in the 5.5 series.

Percona Server for MySQL is open-source and free. You can find release details in the 5.5.54-38.7 milestone on Launchpad. Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories. Bugs Fixed:
  • Log tracking initialization did not find last valid bitmap data correctly, potentially resulting in needless redo log retracking or hole in the tracked LSN range. Bug fixed #1658055.
Other bugs fixed: #1652912, and #1655587.

Find the release notes for Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 in our online documentation. Report bugs on the launchpad bug tracker.
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