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1 Node consuming memory

elkhedewyelkhedewy EntrantCurrent User Role Novice

I've installed percona xtradb cluster on 3 nodes and all is good until i noticed that 1 node is consuming memory much more the other nodes
So i decided to stop all traffic going to this nodes and check if the memory is going to be full again.
Node 1:
used memory 7517M

used memory 2669M

used memory 2574M

Also i noticed that on node 1 which consuming all the memory that innodb buffer pool is full even when its out of traffic.

What might be the reason for this ?


  • elkhedewyelkhedewy Entrant Current User Role Novice
    The problem was because of mysqldump cron.
    It was working in the node that was consuming the memory, and the main reason was because database has 12G table. This table makes the server memory full when mysqldump start.
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