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pt-table-checksum reports problem, but pt-table-sync will not fix it

Greg_KulosaGreg_Kulosa EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
We are planning a migration from MySQL 5.1.73 to the latest Percona 5.6 (5.6.29 is the latest we are testing with).

Our production DB is running 5.1, and we are testing a new slave running 5.6.

Our nightly pt-table-checksum is reporting checksum errors for one table, but when I run pt-table-sync, it does not spit out any "REPLACE INTO" statements to fix the problem.

Are there known issues with the Percona Tools and 5.1/5.6 master/slave combinations?



  • mirfanmirfan Database Administrator Inactive User Role Beginner
    Can you please post output of pt-table-checksum tool to check further.
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