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SMTP settings in pmm-server

Hi everyone,

I am trying to setup some alarms in the Dashboards. I just cannot figure out how to change the SMTP settings.
It is set to localhost but that does not work. So I want to change that to my email server.

Anyone know how to do that?



  • MykolaMykola Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Andy,

    you can change config file.
    documentation -
    but please keep in mind that you lose your changes after docker image update
    ;enabled = false
    ;host = localhost:25
    ;user =
    ;password =
    ;cert_file =
    ;key_file =
    ;skip_verify = false
    ;from_address = admin@grafana.localhost
  • AndyBehrAndyBehr Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    I had tried that. But changes in the file /etc/grafana/grafana.ini do not have any effect.

    After changing the settings and restarting the services, the default values are still active.

    So I assume, the actual config is overwritten from somewhere else.
  • BarrettBarrett Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Andy,

    Does your grafana.ini file's SMTP section look something like what I posted below? Can you post it?
    enabled = true
    host = fqdn:port
    user = myuser
    password = mypass
    cert_file =
    key_file =
    skip_verify = false
    from_address = admin@grafana.localhost
  • MykolaMykola Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Andy,

    I entered AWS SES smtp server credentials, everything is working fine.

    my steps:

    1. run bash inside container
    docker exec -it pmm-server /bin/bash
    2. open editor on /etc/grafana/grafana.ini file
    enabled = true
    host =
    user = SOME_ACCEESS_ID
    password = SOME_SECRET_ID
    ;key_file =
    ;skip_verify = false
    from_address =
    3. save changes and exit from containers bash
    4. restart container
    docker restart pmm-server
    5. go to Grafana "login" page http://PMM.SERVER.IP/graph/login
    6. click "Sign up"
    7. enter another email and press "sign up" button
    8. find email in your mail client
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