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weird behavior of grafana and qan window

I installed PMM on EC2 instance and running 6 aurora databases on it and see weird behavior in grafana and qan window sometimes. Everything is running fine but grafana is not populating mysql overview graphs and mysql performance graphs frequently and qan is also not showing any queries running on these databases. I don't see any network problems.
could you please suggest what might be going wrong?

Thanks you


  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner

    Here is the docs on RDS/Aurora monitoring

    To monitor queries, you need to enable performance_schema on MySQL via Parameter Group. Have this been done? (check out the docs above)

    For metrics, I would suggest to set METRICS_RESOLUTION=5s on pmm-server container. Most likely, 1s resolution will not work well for remote systems.
  • govindareddy20govindareddy20 Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I have enabled both performance_schema and slow_query_log via parameter group.
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