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data consistency issue (ibd files size mismatch on master and slave)

MonuMonu EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hello members,

I have an replication setup usng 1 master and 2 slaves. On slave1 there is difference on size of .ibd files and data_length and index_length sizes.
There is numbers of tables have this issue (total tables is (850+). I discussed for important table which is partitioned by range (have 700+ partition).
Slave was setup using physical files (not using mysqldump) and have RAM 500 GB on 3 servers each.
The following is the details :-

on master :-

count = 816746410
data size = 128.425338745117 GB
index size = 132.901351928711 GB
Rows = 770959074
Avg_row_length = 178

Data_free (data fragmenatation) = 5315231744 (approx 5 GB)

tx_isolation = REPEATABLE-READ

on slave :-

count = 816754414 (8004 records are more than master)
data size = 66.542572021484 GB
index size = 68.418136596680 GB
Rows = 390371601
Avg_row_length = 183

Data_free (data fragmenatation) = 5350883328 (approx 5 GB)

tx_isolation = REPEATABLE-READ

please help me to find data consistency Or there is no issue of these files because data count is same.
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