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Start pmm client on docker container for monitoring remote instances

LucaILucaI EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I'm trying to start pmm client on a docker container to monitor query of a remote Percona server where it's not possible to install pmm, as for example for AWS RDS service. I can exec this command sequence at container startup

pmm-admin config --client-name mypmmclient --server perconapmmhost
pmm-admin --host perconahost --user root --password root add mysql
pmm-admin list
pmm-admin start --all

with such logs (actually percona server is on another container on localhost)

OK, PMM server is alive.

PMM Server | perconapmmhost
Client Name | 09e3b496d586
Client Address |
[linux:metrics] OK, now monitoring this system.
[mysql:metrics] OK, now monitoring MySQL metrics using DSN root:git03
[mysql:queries] OK, now monitoring MySQL queries from perfschema using DSN root:git03
pmm-admin 1.0.5

PMM Server | perconapmmhost
Client Name | 09e3b496d586
Client Address |
Service manager | unix-systemv


linux:metrics 09e3b496d586 42000 YES -
mysql:queries 09e3b496d586 42001 YES root:git03 query_source=perfschema
mysql:metrics 09e3b496d586 42002 YES root:git03

My problem is that I don't know how to run percona-qan-agent in container and I'm not able to monitor queries. I'm trying to use docker container for pmm-client to setup a "portable" version in the same way as pmm-server.



  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner
    pmm-admin manages system services dynamically using service manager available. In your case, it is unix-systemv.
    percona-qan-agent and installer are managed by pmm-admin and the corresponding service is created the same way as for metric services.
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