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zabbix problems :(

bdelmedicobdelmedico ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
good morning guys.

I made the installation of percona zabbix according to the manual, but I can not get it to execute correctly.

When I run the server I get the message below ..

Root @ zabbix: ~ # zabbix_get -s -k "MySQL.Table-locks-immediate"
PHP Warning: require (/var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php.cnf): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php on line 66
PHP Fatal error: require (): Failed opening required '/var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php.cnf' (include_path = '.: / Usr / share / php: / usr / share / pear') In /var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php on line 66
ERROR: run the command to investigate the problem: / usr / bin / php -q /var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php --host localhost --items gg

Rolling the non-client

Root @ mysql-03: / var / lib / zabbix / percona / scripts # / usr / bin / php -q /var/lib/zabbix/percona/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php --host localhost --items
Gg: 14184

Anyone have any ideas for me?
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