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Percona XtraDB Cluster upgrade 5.6 to 5.7 mysql_upgrade [ERROR] 1243

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Hello, I try upgrade Percona Cluster from 56-5.6.30-25.16.3 to 57-5.7.14-26.17.1 like in this guide I stock on step 7. When i try mysql_uprade got error
# mysql_upgrade
Checking if update is needed.
Checking server version.
Running queries to upgrade MySQL server.
mysql_upgrade: [ERROR] 1243: Unknown prepared statement handler (stmt) given to EXECUTE
# mysql_upgrade --version
mysql_upgrade  Ver 2.0 Distrib 5.7.14-8, for Linux (x86_64)

It's only one database on this server. I try this two time on other test servers and result was same. Default config after install on Centos 7 (My normal config don't work too).

Its something wron with my database, or server?
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