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Question about Percona XtraDB Cluster Upgrade

penguins_and_suchpenguins_and_such EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

I'm preparing to update an existing (production) Percona XtraDB Cluster (3 nodes). This will be a point release upgrade, going from 5.6.24-72.2 -> 5.6.32-25.17.

This will be the first time upgrading a production cluster. I've read this document ( but I'm thinking I don't have to do that because this is just a point release upgrade. Not a major upgrade (like 5.5 -> 5.6).

My question is:

I hope to pull one node out of the cluster, update the mysql binaries and then add it back in without issue. Is this possible? Can I have a cluster with one member on when the other two nodes are running

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