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MongoDB : no WiredTiger stats

juliencjulienc EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi guys,

I'm currently giving a try to PMM for MongoDB and that's pretty good : fast & easy to install, nice UI => great job!

The metrics monitoring for our MongoDB standalone test server works well but I can't see anything on the WiredTiger part and nothing related in help.

I added mongodb:metrics using :
sudo pmm-admin add mongodb:metrics --uri mongodb://admin:****@localhost:27017/admin

I'm using 1.0.4 version.

Thanks for your help!


  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner
    This dashboard requires --cluster NAME and --nodetype mongod flags specified when adding MongoDB instance to the monitoring.
    We are planning to make it simpler in the next releases.
  • juliencjulienc Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    Hi weber,

    Thanks for you answer. In our case, it's a standalone server so we have neither cluster name nor replicaset name. What should I seet for this parameter ?
  • DamienDamien Inactive User Role Beginner
    Bumping this
  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner
    With the current implementation, the node has to be added with the flags "--cluster CLUSTERNAME --nodetype mongod".
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