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Cluster working but sync never 100%

Id982Id982 EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hey everyone

I have a weird issue with my 2 node cluster.Everything seems to be working fine however I noticed that databases are not same size on each node mentioned.

For instance I create database ALFA, and import data in it. Size on 1 node is 150 MB...

I look for base on node 2 and yes it is there but size is 147MB.

Ok, I manually import data at node 2.

Now node 2 size will be 150 MB, while node 1 will go to 147.

It is always 3 MB-a, and it is always lower on node opposite on one we created or imported.

Anyone have any idea what is happening and why is doing that?


I opened databases and checked tables, and indeed some tables that had content were empty on other node. They were there, just empty.
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