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Datacenter Cluster over WAN

_Dejan__Dejan_ EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
Hi everyone.

Im new here and Im sucessfully build my first percona cluster with three nodes :) Im already read a lot of topics on this forum and none of them don't have reply or some usefull answers about solution which we need in our company...
We need master-master cluster between two datacenters over WAN connection. I will try explain our situation...
-We have 2 datacenters which are connected together by WAN connection(with VPN). This links are not very stable and often fall down sometime also for few hours...
-Curently we use MSSQL cluster but because it can have only one master we looking for other solutions to replace it...
-In both datacenters(DC1 & DC2) we have some users and servers which read/write to database(DC1 & DC2 users/servers read write to same database)
-We want to achieve that users in DC1 read/write to servers inside DC1 and users in DC2 read/write to servers inside DC2 and database is synchronized on both Datacenters.

Is this possible to do with Percona XtraDB Cluster? How? What happen if WAN link is down? What if WAN is down for long period(Like few hours)?
Thanks for any help.
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