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Unable to monitor mysql queries with 1.0.4

Hello, I have installed 1.0.4 and then tried to add a client.
I get this error
pmm-admin add mysql --user=root --password=mysql-password
[linux:metrics] OK, now monitoring this system.
[mysql:metrics] OK, now monitoring MySQL metrics using DSN root:***@unix(/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock)
[mysql:queries] Error adding MySQL queries: cannot find os instance on QAN API.

I had an old installation of PMM 1.0.3 that I removed.
I have installed the client using the yum repository; the client is running on percona server Percona-Server-server-56-5.6.28-rel76.1.el6.x86_64 on centos 6


  • PeterPeter Percona CEO Percona Moderator Role
    Hi, Could you please clarify if you have just reinstalled the client or have you reinstalled the docker container for 1.0.4 from scratch as well ?
  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner

    Looks like the old client 1.0.3 was not uninstalled using uninstall script.

    To fix the problem, just run:
    rm -rf /usr/local/percona/qan-agent/{config,data,instance}

    And re-run "add" command.
  • danypd69danypd69 Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    Peter, I reinstalled both client and server container.

    weber, it worked .. thanks a lot.

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