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XtraBackup --compact and stream=tar compatibles with each other?

BoadriusBoadrius EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi everybody,

I'm using innobackupex and I want to perform a backup with --compact and --stream=tar options but when I restore this bak doesn't work... and I don't know why.
It seems as if the secondary indexes didn't create correctly before the retoration though I use the option '--rebuild-indexes'.

Backup command:
innobackupex --user=$db_user --password=$db_pass --compact --stream=tar ./ --no-timestamp | gzip - > $WORKING_DIR/$BCK_FILE

Restore command:
tar -zxif $src -C $TMP_DIR/database
    innobackupex --apply-log --rebuild-indexes $TMP_DIR/database
    innobackupex --copy-back $TMP_DIR/database

The return of the instruction --apply-log is always different from zero...

Anybody knows if this two methods are compatible with each other?
Somebody could give an example with all the steps to be performed this kind of backup?

Thank you so much.

Best regards,

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