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Move from on_permissive GTID to full GTID

ianwinterianwinter EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

We're currently moving from MySQL 5.6 (no GTID) to MySQL 5.7 (end goal, full GTID)

Right now, I've got this setup:

| - master1 (5.6.19, GTID OFF)
| slave1 (5.6.19, GTID OFF)
| slave2 (5.6.19, GTID OFF)
| - new-master1 (5.7.13, GTID ON_PERMISSIVE)
| - new-slave1 (5.7.13, GTID ON_PERMISSIVE)
| - new-slave2 (5.7.13, GTID ON_PERMISSIVE)

The new master is a slave of the old master, and, the new slaves are slaves of the new master.

What I want to know is what are the next steps to move the whole new server to GTID = ON?

Is there a way that the new slaves can be ON, but, new master remains ON_PERMISSIVE and then when we have our full cut over maintenance it's changed then?

Thanks in advance,
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