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Problem with connection beetwin ports and services of PMM Server and Client

Hello guys,

Recently installed PMM with Docker, and he could make it work, the QAN sees the quarys, the services are active, but in Grafana not appear nothing in the graphics, the only graphic that works is the own prometheus.

When I check the status in prometheus, against error inexistent route.
Already remade the whole process and can not find the problem.

I suspect that SELinux is preventing the operation, but I let him off, but startar the Docker, it activates again.

I need an idea of how to fix this problem.



  • weberweber Advisor Inactive User Role Beginner
    Really sorry for missing this.

    Please try a new version 1.0.2 that will be released later today (will be announced on our blog).
    It uses a single container port and being configurable.
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