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Donor/desynced cluster request timeouts.

glb_ussrglb_ussr EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hello. I try switch from master-slave to master-master with minimal downtime.
I prepare 3 servers for m-m cluster. Start m-s replication with original server, wait when replication is complete, stop slave. All is ok, all data in base is valid. Now i switch my frontend web servers to new DB. All work fine.
Now i start add new masters in cluster. I restart my db with enabled wsrep=on and --wsrep-new-cluster , try my web= all fine. Go to another master console and start mysql and all my web go
down, any request go to timeout, from console also timeout for any request ...

Primary maser


Second master


How i can work with my cluster in donor/desynced state ?


  • glb_ussrglb_ussr Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Try use wsrep_sst_method=xtrabackup and timeouts go away. Help me understand, i do right ?
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