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Slave replication is breaking when trying to set up new one on Amazon

singhsingh EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

I have a master and slave which is working fine and now trying to create another replication from Slave and make a chain of Master and 2 slaves, the secondary slave is created from the primary slaves backup. The Master and slave is working fine .

The new secondary slave that is being created is ending up with duplicate primary key entries with different tables, when i check for the reported duplicates in the table in master and primary slave there are none and don't know how the duplicates are ending or being reported when the replication is going on.

The mysql version is 5.5.28-rel29.2-log on Redhat 5 and trying to set up the other in Amazon linux with the same version.

Has anyone faced the same issue, is there any incompatibility of running mysql replication with this version on Amazon.

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